Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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+ £995 MONTHLY

SEO Overview

Package Overview

- Target up to 25 Keywords

- Initial Setup Fee £995

- Monthly Fee £995

- Custom SEO Strategy

- Keywords Research

- On-Page SEO

- Off-Page SEO

- Link Building

- Monthly Reporting

- No Contract, Cancel Anytime

What PageCrowd Will Do

- Keyword Research

- Competitor Analysis

- Google Analytics

- Google Search Console

- Google Friendly Sitemap

- Google My Business Page

- Google Merchant

- ALT Tags

- Meta Tags

- 404 Redirect

- Rename Page URL’s

- Add Business to 3 Local Directories

- Add to Major Search Engines

- Link Building

- Social Sharing

- Blog Shariing

- Article Submission

- Website Speed

Our SEO Process

1- Purchase SEO Plan

Simply click on the "Buy it now" and pay for service you require.

2- Fill in Development Form

We will send you development form to fill in, please fill in and send back to us.

3- Schedule One Hour Brainstorm Meeting

Once you have filled in the development form we will be in contact with you to arrange a brainstorm meeting.

4- Brainstorm Meeting

We will contact you on the time and date you requested for the brainstorm meeting.

5- Content

We will carry out keyword research for your website and send you the list. Based on this we will need you to supply us with the keywords you want to rank for, and keywords you do not want to show for.

6- On-Page SEO

We will make changes to certain parts of your website and add the desired keywords you want to rank for.

7- Off-Page SEO

We will make articles and post which we will start to share.

8- Link Building

We will link other websites and directories to your websites.

9- Support

Our Job does not end there. This is just start! We will do this on a monthly basis and send detailed monthly reports to you, which we can discuss together and this will allow us to see how keywords are appearing on search results.

Our Guarantee

- Dedicated Accounts Manager

- 100% Unique Content

- 100% Targeted Traffic

- No Contract, Cancel Anytime

SEO packages features explained

  • SEO Works

    Many people think that SEO is not effective but they are not aware of its effectiveness. SEO takes time but when you get the first page rankings, you experience good quality organic traffic coming to your website and you start getting phone calls and leads from the website. Many surveys have shown that leads from organic traffic convert into successful clients.

  • SEO is Cost Effective

    As we know SEO packages depend on the number of keywords you select so you can customise your SEO packages according to the number of your important keywords.

  • Competitors Are Stealing Traffic & leads

    The third reason to invest in SEO packages is your competitors are using them to rank their websites on top of the search engine results to get most of the organic traffic and leads. If you are a solicitor and you do a search on Google and you see your competitor’s websites ranking above you then it’s the right time to start using SEO services packages to rank your website too.

  • Good Quality Traffic

    SEO drives good quality traffic to your website and traffic helps in getting more leads and domain authority. SEO helps to make your business more visible to your buyers when they are searching for your products or services. It also helps you to get a more relevant audience looking for your business-related information online.

  • Perfect Keyword Selection

    Keyword selection is the most important part of any SEO campaign and if you fail to research the most suitable keywords then you will not get the desired results you are expecting from your SEO campaign.

  • Website Technical SEO Audit

    Website technical SEO audit helps you to optimise your website for users and search engines. If your website is not optimised for better performance and user usability then your traffic will not convert better.

  • It Should Be White Hat SEO Only

    Looking for long-lasting results from your SEO campaign? Then your SEO package should have only white hat activities only. If you use any shortcut to get top results then your website may face penalties in future.

  • Perfect Content Development & Marketing

    Content is the king these days so you should have a perfect content development plan included in your SEO package. Content should be unique and should help your readers with the information they need.

  • Competitor Analysis

    If your SEO company is not offering competitor analysis then you should avoid using their SEO packages as without knowing what is helping your competitors to rank better it’s nearly impossible to beat them.

  • Reporting

    Reporting is the most important factor you should be looking for when buying SEO packages online. Monthly reports help you to evaluate the work your SEO company is doing for you.

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