How to Customise your Shopify Store - Social Media

How to Customise your Shopify Store - Social Media

Customising the social media integration on your Shopify store is essential for increasing your brand’s visibility and engagement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

How to Customise Your Shopify Store's Social Media Integration

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Admin

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.
  2. Once logged in, you’ll be directed to your Shopify admin dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the Theme Customiser

  1. From the Shopify admin dashboard, go to "Online Store" and click on "Themes."
  2. Locate your current theme and click the "Customise" button to open the theme customiser.

Step 3: Locate the Social Media Settings

  1. In the theme customiser, find the section dedicated to social media. This might be under "Header," "Footer," or a specific "Social Media" section, depending on your theme.
  2. Click on this section to open its settings.

Step 4: Add Social Media Links

  1. Input Fields: Enter the URLs for your social media profiles in the provided fields. Common platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    • Ensure the URLs are correct and lead to your official profiles.
  2. Display Options: Choose where to display these social media icons on your site. Typical locations include the header, footer, and sometimes the sidebar or specific pages.
    • Make sure the icons are visible but not intrusive.

Step 5: Customise Social Media Icons

  1. Style: Select the style of the social media icons. Options might include colour, monochrome, or custom-designed icons that match your brand’s aesthetics.
  2. Size: Adjust the size of the icons to ensure they are easily recognisable but fit well within the chosen location.
  3. Alignment: Decide how you want the icons aligned (left, centre, right) based on the design of your site.

Step 6: Enable Social Sharing Buttons

  1. Product Pages: Enable social sharing buttons on product pages to allow customers to share your products on their social media accounts.
    • Look for options to add sharing buttons for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp.
  2. Blog Posts: Enable social sharing buttons on your blog posts to increase the reach of your content.

Step 7: Integrate Social Media Feeds (Optional)

  1. Some themes and apps allow you to integrate live social media feeds directly onto your site.
    • Instagram Feed: Display a grid of your latest Instagram posts.
    • Twitter Feed: Show your recent tweets.
  2. Customisation Options: Adjust the appearance and layout of these feeds to match your site’s design.
    • You might need to install a third-party app from the Shopify App Store for more advanced feed integration.

Step 8: Use Custom CSS for Further Customisation (Optional)

  1. If you need more detailed customisation, add custom CSS.
  2. In the theme editor (accessible through "Online Store" > "Themes" > "Actions" > "Edit code"), open the CSS file (often named theme.scss.liquid or similar).
  3. Add your custom CSS at the bottom of the file. For example:
    .social-media-icons { margin: 10px; opacity: 0.8; } .social-media-icons:hover { opacity: 1; }
  4. Save your changes.

Step 9: Preview and Save

  1. After making your customisations, click the "Save" button in the theme customiser to apply the changes to your store.
  2. Preview your store to ensure the social media icons and integrations look as expected across different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).
  3. Test the links to confirm they direct correctly to your social media profiles.


Customising the social media integration on your Shopify store is a great way to enhance your online presence and engage with your customers. By following these steps, you can ensure that your social media links, icons, and feeds are effectively integrated into your store’s design, making it easy for visitors to connect with you on various platforms.