How to Create a Discount Code for Your Shopify Store

How to Create a Discount Code for Your Shopify Store

Creating discount codes for your Shopify store is an effective way to incentivise purchases and reward loyal customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a discount code:

Step 1: Log in to Your Shopify Admin

  1. Open Your Web Browser:
    • Navigate to the Shopify website.
  2. Log in:
    • Enter your Shopify store’s URL and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Discounts Section

  1. Go to Discounts:

    • From your Shopify admin dashboard, click on "Discounts" in the left-hand menu.
  2. Create Discount:

    • Click the "Create discount" button at the top right of the Discounts page.

Step 3: Choose the Discount Type

  1. Select Discount Code:
    • In the discount creation page, choose "Discount code".

Step 4: Configure the Discount Code Details

  1. Enter Discount Code:

    • In the "Discount code" field, enter a unique code that customers will use at checkout. You can generate a random code or create a custom one.
  2. Select Discount Type:

    • Choose the type of discount you want to offer. Options include:
      • Percentage: A percentage off the total order.
      • Fixed amount: A specific amount off the total order.
      • Free shipping: Free shipping for the order.
      • Buy X get Y: A discount when customers buy a certain quantity of products.
  3. Set the Discount Value:

    • Enter the value of the discount. For percentage discounts, enter the percentage off (e.g., 10%). For fixed amount discounts, enter the amount off (e.g., £5).

Step 5: Apply Conditions (Optional)

  1. Minimum Requirements:

    • Set minimum purchase requirements if needed, such as a minimum order amount or a minimum quantity of items.
  2. Customer Eligibility:

    • Choose whether the discount is available to all customers, specific customer groups, or individual customers.
  3. Usage Limits:

    • Set usage limits for the discount code, such as the total number of times it can be used or the number of uses per customer.

Step 6: Set Active Dates

  1. Schedule the Discount:
    • Set a start date and an optional end date for the discount code to be active.

Step 7: Save the Discount Code

  1. Review Details:

    • Review all the discount details to ensure everything is correct.
  2. Save:

    • Click the "Save discount" button at the top right of the page to activate the discount code.

Step 8: Promote Your Discount Code

  1. Share with Customers:

    • Promote your discount code through email marketing, social media, or on your website to let customers know about the offer.
  2. Monitor Usage:

    • Track the performance of your discount code in the Discounts section of your Shopify admin to see how often it’s being used and its impact on sales.

Additional Tips

  1. Create Targeted Discounts:

    • Tailor discount codes for specific customer segments or products to maximise their effectiveness.
  2. Combine Discounts:

    • Offer combined discounts such as a percentage off with free shipping to increase appeal.
  3. Regular Reviews:

    • Regularly review and update your discount strategies based on their performance and customer feedback.


Creating a discount code on your Shopify store is a straightforward process that can drive sales and reward customers. By following these steps, you can set up and manage discount codes effectively, ensuring they align with your marketing strategies and business goals. For additional assistance, Shopify’s support resources and community forums are available to help.