How to Add Pinterest to Your Shopify Store

How to Add Pinterest to Your Shopify Store

Integrating Pinterest with your Shopify store can help you reach a wider audience, showcase your products, and drive traffic to your online shop. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add Pinterest to your Shopify store:

Step 1: Log in to Your Shopify Admin

  1. Open Your Web Browser:

    • Navigate to the Shopify website.
  2. Log in:

    • Enter your Shopify store’s URL and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Add the Pinterest Channel

  1. Go to the Shopify App Store:

    • From your Shopify admin dashboard, click on "Apps" in the left-hand menu.
    • Click on "Visit the Shopify App Store" at the bottom of the Apps page.
  2. Search for Pinterest:

    • In the Shopify App Store, search for "Pinterest".
  3. Add the Pinterest Channel:

    • Click on the "Pinterest" app by Shopify and then click the "Add app" button.
    • Follow the prompts to install the app and grant the necessary permissions.

Step 3: Set Up the Pinterest Channel

  1. Access the Pinterest Channel:

    • Once the app is installed, click on "Pinterest" in the left-hand menu of your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Connect Your Pinterest Account:

    • Click "Connect" and log in to your Pinterest account.
    • Ensure you have a Pinterest Business account. If you don’t have one, you can create it during this process.
  3. Authorise the Connection:

    • Follow the prompts to authorise Shopify to connect to your Pinterest account.
  4. Configure Product Settings:

    • Choose the products you want to sync with Pinterest. You can select specific products or sync all products in your store.

Step 4: Create Pinterest Pins

  1. Create Pins in Shopify:

    • From the Pinterest channel in your Shopify admin, you can create new Pins for your products.
    • Add images, descriptions, and links to your products to create compelling Pins.
  2. Optimise for SEO:

    • Ensure that your product descriptions and titles are optimised for search engines to increase visibility on Pinterest.

Step 5: Promote Your Pinterest Account

  1. Feature on Your Store:

    • Add a Pinterest widget or button to your Shopify store to encourage visitors to follow you on Pinterest.
  2. Email Marketing:

    • Use your email marketing tool to announce your Pinterest presence to your subscribers.
  3. Cross-Promotion:

    • Promote your Pinterest account on other social media channels and your website.

Additional Tips

  1. Regular Updates:

    • Pin regularly to keep your audience engaged and informed about new products and promotions.
  2. Rich Pins:

    • Use Rich Pins to provide more information about your products directly on Pinterest. Rich Pins sync automatically with your Shopify store, ensuring that product information is always up-to-date.
  3. Engage with Followers:

    • Respond to comments and messages on Pinterest to build a strong relationship with your audience.
  4. Monitor Performance:

    • Use Pinterest Analytics to track the performance of your Pins and understand your audience better.


Adding Pinterest to your Shopify store is a powerful way to enhance your online presence and engage with potential customers. By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate Pinterest, promote your store, and interact with your audience effectively. For further assistance, Shopify’s support resources and community forums are available to help.