How to Add a Featured Collection Section to Your Shopify Store

How to Add a Featured Collection Section to Your Shopify Store

Adding a featured collection section to your Shopify store can help highlight specific products, boost sales, and enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a featured collection section to your Shopify store:

How to Add a Featured Collection Section to Your Shopify Store

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Admin

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.
  2. Once logged in, you’ll be directed to your Shopify admin dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Online Store

  1. From the Shopify admin dashboard, click on "Online Store" in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select "Themes" from the submenu.

Step 3: Customise Your Theme

  1. Customise Theme:
    • On the Themes page, find your current theme. Click the "Customise" button next to your active theme.

Step 4: Add a Featured Collection Section

  1. Sections Tab:

    • In the theme editor, you will see a menu on the left-hand side with various sections that you can add or edit on your store's pages.
  2. Add Section:

    • Scroll down to find the "Add section" button and click it.
  3. Select Featured Collection:

    • From the list of available sections, select "Featured collection." This will add a new featured collection section to your page.

Step 5: Configure the Featured Collection Section

  1. Select Collection:

    • In the featured collection settings, click "Select collection" to choose which collection you want to feature. You can either select an existing collection or create a new one if needed.
  2. Customise Display Options:

    • Heading: Enter a heading for your featured collection section. This could be something like "New Arrivals," "Best Sellers," or "Featured Products."
    • Products per Row: Choose how many products to display per row.
    • Total Products: Choose how many products to display in total.
  3. Additional Settings:

    • Depending on your theme, you may have additional options to customise the appearance of your featured collection, such as image size, text alignment, or call-to-action buttons.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

  1. Save:
    • After configuring your featured collection section, click the "Save" button at the top right of the theme editor to apply your changes.

Step 7: Preview Your Store

  1. Preview:

    • It’s always a good idea to preview your store to see how the featured collection section looks. Click on the "eye" icon next to the save button to preview your store.
  2. Adjust if Necessary:

    • If you’re not satisfied with the appearance or layout, go back to the theme editor and make the necessary adjustments.

Additional Tips

  1. Organise Your Collections:

    • Ensure your collections are well-organised and have clear titles. This helps customers easily find what they’re looking for and enhances the shopping experience.
  2. Use High-Quality Images:

    • Use high-quality images for the products in your featured collection. Good visuals can attract more attention and lead to higher conversion rates.
  3. Update Regularly:

    • Regularly update your featured collection to keep it fresh and relevant. Featuring new arrivals, seasonal products, or bestsellers can encourage repeat visits to your store.
  4. Analyse Performance:

    • Monitor the performance of your featured collection using Shopify’s analytics. See which products are performing well and adjust your collections accordingly.


Adding a featured collection section to your Shopify store is a great way to highlight important products and engage your customers. By following these steps, you can easily add and customise a featured collection section that enhances the look and functionality of your store. Regular updates and careful selection of products will keep your featured collection relevant and appealing to your customers. If you need further assistance, Shopify’s support team and community forums are valuable resources.