Best Shopify apps for your e-commerce Store

Best Shopify apps for your e-commerce Store

You can find thousands of apps in the “Shopify App Store”, and you can choose them depending on the functionality of your online store. It doesn’t matter whether you want to let people know about your products on Facebook, add customer reviews or think of improving email marketing; you’ll find an app. But since there are many out there, we’ve listed a few to help you know which Shopify apps are best, particularly for your online business.


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Let’s take a look at some of them.

·      Shopify Email

Promoting business with email is one of the best ways in modern days. And the Shopify app you need for this purpose is Shopify Email. It is used to build email lists and manage your campaigns for marketing purposes. You just have to send emails to your subscribers from the “Shopify Admin Dashboard” using a few clicks. There are various pre-made templates available that are important for pulling your logo, descriptions and product images. Customising buttons and texts are also easy with this Shopify App.

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Want to know how it works? Just import your contacts into Shopify and start creating and sending your campaigns. After that, keep track of clicks, opens, purchases, and add to carts for further optimising the Retention campaigns and customer acquisition. You will get 2500 free emails each month to send to your customers, and if you need extras, you can pay $1 for 1000 more emails. This is beneficial if you own a bigger online retail store because more emails mean more customers and ultimately more profit margin, which is what you are striving for.

·      BetterReplay

You might have seen that shoppers do visit your site but don’t turn into customers. Ever wondered why this happens? This Shopify app named BetterReplay provides you with live recordings of their sessions in order for you to see how people are interacting with your store and what items they are looking for. This information will help you fix the parts where you see people get stuck. This will also let you add lower abandoned carts for different kinds of customers.


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Waiting to know about the best part? This app is available for free, and you can record nearly 5000 sessions a month. There is no requirement for coding either. So, use it the way you want and have more customers for your store.

·      Advoz

Another addition to free Shopify apps is Advoz. The ultimate goal of it is to help store owners maintain their social media advertising. After installing it, you’ll be able to access a “Certified Advertising Pro” who will create custom ads for various social media apps, including Instagram and Facebook. This diverts the audience's attention from other brands, and they will start visiting the site.

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The only thing you will have to do is to decide on an ad budget and pay it weekly. Just create a Business account on Facebook and start adding products.

·      Fancy FAQ

FAQs are what every customer looks for in order to know more about the brand and the products it is selling. In this way, hesitations are cleared if there are any. And Fancy FAQ is the app you can use for building search-friendly and attractive FAQ pages. This will not only establish trust with customers but will encourage them to buy your products which is your ultimate goal as well.


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·      Jebbit

Jebbit is another Shopify app for creating exciting quizzes for customers to engage. Mainly, customers don’t like to visit different shops or even websites. But if they get to know that a brand is offering a discount on playing games or completing quizzes, they get attracted. But these aren’t related to academics. Instead, these are shoppable quizzes for helping people find certain products in your store. This will not only increase the sales but also gives you a chance to make surveys and bring products of customers’ choice.


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The best part of Jebbit is its omnichannel distribution and no-code design elements. You can even meet the customers, ask them where they shop and suggest to them some products as well.


We’ve only talked about how product images and descriptions help you increase sales. But one thing that also plays a key role is videos. And is one of the Shopify apps for creating product videos. Select the kind of video you require and add the product in it which you want to promote. At the end, the app will present a promotional video on your site. The best part about it is that you can use it for free, but you must have some video editing skills to get the job done.


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·      Pre-Order Alpha

Pre-ordering is something most shop owners don’t like. The reason is that most people ask you to stock something for them, and they don’t buy it or pay for it later. However, if you still want to go with this option, Pre-Order Alpha is the Shopify app for providing a flexible and faster way of selling out-of-stock, pre-order and “coming soon products”. You just have to highlight such products either with ribbons or whatever suits you.

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Start by adding the “Pre-order button” to the product page of your site and add a tag of “Pre-Order items” in admin as well. This will also allow you to keep track of things on your page. Even though this isn’t available for free, and setup takes some time to start, this app can bring you a number of customers and increase your sales. You just have to manage it in the right way.


Various other apps offer discounts, rewards and other such offers to customers to attract them. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and you need to choose them depending on the kind of products you sell. Use social media advertising, and email marketing and improve the product images to bring more customers. That’s the only way to increase the sales for your Shopify store.